The Resona Foundation for Asia and Oceania was established on October 27, 1989 by the Resona Group with an aim to contribute to bringing peace and prosperity to the Asia and Oceania region and deepening friendly ties between Japan and the rest of the region. For more than twenty years, we at the foundation, have continued to offer financial assistance to promote international exchanges; research activities across the areas of politics, economy, culture and history, and interpersonal interactions; while implementing a wide range of friendship programs and organizing international conferences and events.

In April 2011, we made a fresh start as a public interest foundation to better cater to the needs of the “Age of Asia and Oceania” that is just around the corner. Under a new organizational structure, we are determined to make future efforts to promote international exchanges focusing on three core activities: offering financial assistance to meaningful programs that meet our purposes (as we have done for the past few decades); organizing seminars, international conferences, symposiums, and lectures to discuss issues relating to the politics, economy, culture, history and environment of the Asia and Oceania region, including Japan; and promoting environmental programs with a view to protecting and enhancing the natural environment in the region. We remain fully committed to working for the well-being of society at large through these activities, and we look forward to, and deeply appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Seminar programs

We conduct programs such as international conferences, symposiums, and lectures on politics, economics, culture, history, and the environment in Japan and other Asian and Oceanic countries. More specifically, we provide information and recommendations, in order to help Japanese companies to expend their businesses in Asia.

Grant programs

Grant for research on Asian and Oceanic countries and regions by young researchers at home and abroad (Research study grants)

Grants for international exchange between Japan and Asian and Oceanic countries; grants for studies on politics, economics, culture, and history in these countries and regions; and grants for those involved in these activities

Grants for holding international conferences and symposiums (International exchange grants)

Grants for inviting and sending human resources for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Asian and Oceanic countries, and grants for those involved in these programs

Grants for education and public relations activities

Grants for those involved in activities of education and public relations regarding various international exchange programs between Japan and Asian and Oceanic countries

Environmental programs

Support programs intended for the conservation and improvement of the natural environment in Asian and Oceanic countries Support for conservation of the natural environment and improvement programs focused on water and greenery in Asian and Oceanic countries, and support for those involved in these activities

Application for Funding for 2017 Grant Projects